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The Raize is a low profile, lightweight design, microprocessor ankle/foot system by Hosmer. It’s plantar/dorsi-flexion range reduces damaging forces on the residual limb and enhances stability.

Appropriate for:

  • Patient who can benefit from reduced shear force on the residual limb
  • Patients who can benefit from an adjustable dorsiflexion stop which allows proper alignment for various heel heights
  • Activity level: 2-3

Raize Ankle/Foot System

The Rheo Knee is the first product born of Ossur’s bionics revolution in prosthetic solutions. It is the first microprocessor swing and stance knee system to utilize the power of AI.

Key benefits and features:

  • Enhanced security- transition from level ground to uneven terrain 
  • Natural and efficient motion- Magnetic fields vary resistance creating exceptionally smooth response
  • Simplicity of operation- simple set up, change of setting and no initial programming
  • Energy efficiency and Comfort- compact design allow for excellent compatibility with feet
  • Convenience- Extended- life and fast, easy-charging battery lasting up to 48 hrs on a single charge

Rheo Knee

Otto Bock Health Care introduced the C-Let microprocessor controlled knee to the US in 1999. Since then, thousands of wearers have benefited from this quantum leap in prosthetics.

Appropriate for people who:

  • Are transfemoral amputees, including those with bilateral limb deficiencies or hip disarticulation amputations

  • Are involved in activities that require a high level of stance stability

  • Walk or have the potential to walk on uneven terrain

  • Frequently descend stairs or negotiate slopes

Solutions for All Walks of Life

The  microprocessor controlled leg, knees and feet are designed to provide the best in stability and reliability. Our practitioners evaluate and tailor prosthesis for each patient to restore maximum function and independence.


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