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Diabetic Shoe options are available in both casual and dress options. We can even fit you into a sneaker!

Freedom is also there to help those who have already had toe amputations with customized toe filler inserts for the diabetic shoe. This can assist with proper fit and also reduce risk of further amputation.

Let us help you choose the right foot wear that is specifically designed for the treatment and protection of the diabetic foot! ​

Freedom Orthotics and Prosthetics demonstrated a personal commitment to helping me reach my fitness goals. It’s fair to say I now enjoy a healthier, happier life!”

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Diabetic Foot Care

Foot problems are the most common diabetic complication leading to hospitalization or amputation. Ulcers or soreness on the foot can be caused by improper shoe fit and non-protective inserts. This can lead to infection and unfortunately may require amputation. Studies have shown that a patient who is correctly fit into a diabetic shoe with molded inserts can lower the risk of developing these ulcerations.